WIP 28mm Africa/Sicily

Some Perry Miniatures 28mm  8th Army / SAS types.

First up are some WIP British infantry. Not too much more to do on them – a bit more definition on the weapons, some tidying up with final highlights and basing (which I’ll do by the section). This half-section is my colour test and a bit of practice for an ‘on the table’ quickish paintjob.


Secondly the first of the SAS jeeps. A few tweaks here and there on this including:
Bonnet catches and details.
Extra stowage.
Brass front axle with turn on the front wheels.
Brass Vickers K mount – more to scale and straight!
Gear sticks!
New mount and placement for the third K gun.
Head-swaps using heads from the 8th army plastic boxed set (I liked the flowing head-dress).

Umming and aahing about swapping the grab-handles but probababy can’t be bothered. It’s not a very fun job and I really want to start painting this.


6 responses to “WIP 28mm Africa/Sicily

  1. Nice new home ….. like the colour scheme. now you just have to fill it with candy! 🙂

    And good to see the SAS jeeps, nice bit of detailing there. I’ve got 1 Desert and 2 European ones to do on the bench now. Got the basic assembly done but boy they had some moulding and alignment issues!


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    • Cheers Brent. Thanks for stopping by.

      Yeah the jeeps were a little rough and ready, but scale-wise they look far better than anything else in 28mm. I guess that’s an advantage of the Perrys using ‘true scale’ 1/56th.
      This is my homage to the Tamiya SAS Jeep which is still one of my all-time favourite 1/35th kits.
      Oh, and I’ve decided to do the grab handles in the end. Cant bear to look at them any more 🙂


      • Yeah I almost brought the Tamiya one recently to build as a bit of a nostalgia trip, it was one of the very first kits I ever tried to build.

        The Jeeps I have here are the Warlord ones, The stowage detail is nice but some things were really poor. it’ll be interesting to compare each others builds as we go – better get my A into G then !


  2. How did your Perry British Infantry come out? I fell in love with the models but have had a difficult time painting them to a standard I’m happy with due to the lower level of detail. I’m a lot more comfortable with heroic scale, especially when it comes to painting faces. Would you ever consider doing a walkthrough on how you paint Perry faces?


    • Hi. I’ve not really considered doing tutorials (wasn’t sure anyone would be interested) but I’ll have a think.

      These came out quite nicely in the end, but I think the Vichy French perhaps are better because they were more recent and a bit more subtle. I really like painting Perry faces in general. The odd one or two can need a bit of tidying before painting but overall they are expressive and realistic. I don’t go mad in perhaps the same way I do with the ‘heroic’ 28mm figures (see the more recent Empress US figures I did this year for example ) but keep things a bit simpler and cleaner. I’ve just about completely stopped painting eyeballs on the Perry figs if I’m doing batches for gaming with just a suggestion with black-brown paint. Eyebrows help a lot though!

      Sadly most things are in storage after a move to Germany so I can’t update the pictures here. I do have more to do though so will try to do some closeups at least.


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