A Landsknecht doppler soldner (with Zwei Hander sword) from the Warlord (ex-Pro Gloria) range. Another wonderful Hicksie sculpt. More of these to come, although my camera seems to be on the way out so getting halfway useabsle images is a real chore.

4 responses to “Landsknecht

  1. Crackin figure despite the difficulties with the camera! (and nice to see you posting 🙂 )

    I’m really struggling with miy camera too, CCD issues I think as it’s struggling with light and colour no matter what background/amount of light and white balance pokery, it is 14yrs old now 😦



    • Same vintage as mine then, and yeah, CCD starting to fail could be it. it’s been well traveled so taken it’s share of knocks over the years.
      It seems to handle natural light far better so I might wait for that in future – and we are getting a lot of that here now anyway.

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  2. More of these I think … but you know me. There’s a real fantasy itch going on and I’ve painted a few of 15s and 28s (all Copplestone so far) for that. Might post those over the weekend if I can get in a basing session.


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