Empress Late WW2 American GIs

I’ve spent today figuring out a pallette for my late war GIs. The M43 uniform is slightly elusive (at least to me). It’s green, but with a very specific tone that tends to change under different lighting. Same for US webbing. The uniform itself ended up getting a repaint. I origianlly used AK Interactive’s ‘M43 uniform’ from their Figure Paint line but found it very grainy and difficult to get on with. it can glaze amazingly and holds pigment at really high dilutions, but always seemd to chalky when dry.

First of many new Empress Miniatures US figures. Paul absolutely killed it with these (if I do say so), particularly the faces. Slightly dodgy phone snaps as usual. Apologies for overdoing the angles and the size, but these pics are for sniffing out any problems before I crack on en-masse.

Painted as 41st Armoured Infantry Regiment.


7 responses to “Empress Late WW2 American GIs

  1. That guy does look amazing! Not only is it an absolutely lovely sculpt by my favourite sculptor but I do really like the green you used for the uniform as well as your take on the skin tones. Really must get me some of these soon…


  2. 🙂 They are exactly the colours you recommended in your painting guide. I tried some alternatives (AK Interactive colours etc.) but got the best results from the Foundry Storm Green set and Vallejo U.S. Field drab/khaki for the webbing. I pushed the highlights a bit by mixing in Vallejo Ivory.
    The boots are Vallejo Flat brown base with German Camo Beige main colour. Helmet is Brown Violet highlighted with Ivory.


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