Second Empress Miniatures WW2 American

The next GI is complete. As always the bases wait until a full or half-squad are complete, just to keep things looking consistent. This one carries an M16 smoke grenade which adds a nice splash of colour. I’m really enjoying painting the faces on these in particular.

If there’s any interest I can share a full list of colours and things for these.


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    • Thanks!

      I might do a separate post on painting faces (my favourite part of figure painting). Once again my colours are pretty much stolen from someone I admire – this time Reuben aka Heresy Brush.

      I fiddle with the colours a bit depending on the figure, but for army dudes I tend to use Vallejo Game Colour 066 Tan Skin, middle tone is VGC 041 Dwarf Skin and highlights are that mixed with white. Sometimes Ivory works better than white.

      I wash the base colour with GW Agrax Earthshade to fill in the eyes, mouth and ears etc. before applying the base again. I shade the skin between the eyebrow and the upper eyelid with the mid-tone mixed with a little brown (VMC Armour Brown works well). It looks good spotting in the lid with a lighter colour if you can. Eyebrows are drawn with VMC German Camo Dark Brown.

      Very light washes of grey get built up for stubble. I drop a little red below the cheeks and sometimes around the eyes and nose to make a figure look tired.

      Where possible I try to use the three colour rule for faces. This means that sunny colours are in the top third (yellows etc.), red colours in the middle and cold colours like blue and greys in the lower third. This attempts to represent the fall of sunlight and shadow.

      Sorry, lots of words :-). Hope some of that’s useful.


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