Another American and a 20mm StugIV WIP

Another Empress 28mm GI complete, this time my first squad NCO. Pretty standard stuff but this time with British-supplied brown trousers (no joke intended). Looking at a lot of colour footage from 1945 shows a lot of these still knocking around and it gives some nice variety to a squad. Also a handy way of making the NCO stand out on the table in this case.

I’ve got the second wave of these due to arrive in the post at any second, along with initial casts of the new 1/50th Willys Jeep. Very excited to get my hands on those and will get to painting them as soon as I can. There are some great new patrolling poses in the second release along with heavier weapons. The theme of this first squad will be an alert patrol, with subsequent squads being either contact or gone to ground. I like to theme squads and sections this way and have a group of figures reacting logically as a group.

I’ve also suffered a slight 20mm distraction while waiting for other things to arrive. The result is this Dragon 1/72 StugIV. It’s only just had base-coat, pin-lining and light streaking at this point with all the fun stuff still to come.


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