Primaris Space Wolf

I’ve been unable to post for a while because we’ve been preparing for, and undertaking, a move to Germany. Maybe it’s the change of scene but I’ve found myself sliding back towards Games Workshop’s IP over the last few weeks – some sort of comfort zone thing perhaps. It doesn’t help that they are making it particularly easy with a pretty stellar launch of 8th Ed 40k and the guys in my local GW store here in Karlsruhe being very chilled and helpful. I had an English copy of the new starter box delivered and I’ve been raiding other bits and pieces since.

So, this is the first output after the move. Feels like a bit of a milestone to be painting again even if I have a much-reduced paint and brish selection right now. I used GW paints more than usual on this. Partly to test them (they are mostly very good) and also to maintain colour consistency as I go forward (I can get them close to work).

Always liked the concept of Space Wolves … largely disliked the figures which usually just looked a bit silly. This is closer to my vision of space vikings.


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